There are many series of activities that will color the Gibei Fair FEB, such as Virtual Trading competitions, Stocklab, LCT, Public Education, National

šŸ«¶Virtual Trading Competition
Seminar with the theme “Show the sharpness of your understanding and analytical skills here”. Which has taken place on October 20-26 & final presentation on October 28, 2022.
The purpose of this activity is so that millennial generation youth can practice how to invest & analyze data so that they can invest wisely

šŸ«¶Public Education
Interesting presentation from the resource person Mr. Rahmadiah, ST (sub-coordinator for consumer services OJK prov. Bengkulu)
With the material “Education Beware of Illegal Online Investment & Loans”

Stocklab competition with the theme “šŸ«¶Learn to Invest in Stocks The Fun Way, held on
October 22-23, 2022, the purpose of this activity is to educate investment to the younger generation when doing this interesting game.

And will soon follow the Agile Smart Competition (LCT) and the Gibei Fair National Seminar

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