Leaflet Of Doctoral In Management


As the response to the needs and the current development, University of Bengkulu
always strives to develop its ideals to continuously administer higher education. In its
implication for the real action to answer the needs and the current challenges especially
on administering higher education on doctoral level, Faculty of Economics and Business
of University of Bengkulu has opened Doctoral Program of Management Science under
the Decree of Directorate of Higher Education No: 496/E/O/2013. This program surely
becomes one of the programs that offers knowledge and skill to prepare the future
leaders to readily contribute in the development of science.


“To be the prominent Doctoral Program of Management Science in Sumatera in the
development of science and the problem solving in Management field”


1. To administer the independent Doctoral Program of Management Science
through the structural learning process and positive academic culture.
2. To carry out qualified researches in Management Science and publish them
in both national and international levels.
3. To actively contribute in solving the problems faced by government,
businessmen, and society through consultations, training, workshops, and
guidance in management field.


1. To develop research and practice based learning system.
2. To continuously develop the curriculum based on the development of
management science.
3. To develop the effective quality assurance system.
4. To develop academic culture that offer opportunities for academic civitas to
express and appreciate themselves as the scientists.
5. To develop research road map in management science.
6. To increase the researches on the development of science and practice.
7. To publish the research findings through dissemination, scientific forum,
and journal article in national and international level.
8. To develop consultation program for stakeholder.
9. To develop institutional cooperation in teaching, research, and public
services in local, national, and international.


1. Comfortable and representative classrooms.
2. Computer Lab (supported with data processor: SPSS, Eviews, Smart
PLS, Lisrel,Amos, etc.)
3. Language Laboratory
4. Intranet/Internet access (wireless WI-FI)
5. Library, Reading corners, and Pantry.
6. E-Journal (EBSCO, PROQUEST, ISJD, and DOAJ) book collection and
recent journal articles.
7. Integrated Academic Administration.


1. Advanced Financial Management
2. Advanced Marketing Management
3. Advanced Human Resources Management
4. Science Management


1. Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology
2. Multivariate Statistics and Econometrics
3. Strategic Management
4. Organization Behavior
5. Innovation Management
6. Management and Organization Theory
7. Optional Courses
8. Dissertation



1. Specific Topic on Finance
2. Financial Research and Theory
1. Specific Topic on Marketing
2. Marketing Research and Theory

Human Resources Management

1. Specific Topic on Human Resources Management (HRM)
2. HRM Research and Theory

Strategic Management

1. Specific Topic on Strategic Management
2. Strategic Management Research and Theory

Independent Study

1. Dissertation

Faculty and Staff in Doctoral Program of Management Science

Doctoral Program of Management Science of University of Bengkulu has lecturers with
competent expertise on Marketing, Finance, HRM, Knowledge Innovation, and Statistic
1. Prof. Dr. Ridwan Nurazi, SE., M.Sc. (University of Bengkulu)
2. Prof. Lizar Alfansi, Ph.D., SE., MBA. (University of Bengkulu)
3. Prof. Dr. Kamaludin, SE., MM. (University of Bengkulu)
4. Prof. Ir. Sigit Nugroho, Ph.D., M.Sc. (University of Bengkulu)
5. Prof. Dr. Rambat Nursasongko (University of Bengkulu)
6. Prof. Dr. Muhartini Salim, SE., MM (University of Bengkulu)
7. Prof. Dr. Husaini, SE.,M.Si,Ak (University of Bengkulu)
8. Dr. Willy Abdillah, SE., M.Sc (University of Bengkulu)
9. Dr. Fahrudin JS Pareke, SE., M.Si. (University of Bengkulu)
10. Slamet Widodo, SE., MS., Ph.D. (University of Bengkulu)
11. Dr. Effed Darta Hadi, SE., MBA. (University of Bengkulu)
12. Dr. Fitri Santi, SE., MSM. (University of Bengkulu)
13. Dr. Rina Suthia Hayu, SE., MM (Universitas Bengkulu)
14. Dr. Sularsih Anggarawati, SE., MBA. (University of Bengkulu)
15. Dr. Praningrum, SE., M.Si. (University of Bengkulu)
16. Dr. Dewi Rahmayanti, SE., MSM. (University of Bengkulu)
17. Berto Usman, SE., M.Sc., Ph.D. (University of Bengkulu)
18. Dr. Retno Agustina Ekaputri, SE., M.Sc (Universitas Bengkulu)
19. Yefriza, SE., MPPM., Ph.D (Universitas Bengkulu)
20. Dr. Fachruzzaman, SE., MDM.,Ak.CA (University of Bengkulu)
21. Dr. Rini Indriani, SE., M.Si.,Ak.CA (University of Bengkulu)
22. Dr. Nurna Aziza, SE.,M.Si,Ak (University of Bengkulu)
23. Saiful, SE.,M.Si.,Ph.D.,Ak (University of Bengkulu)
24. Dr. Muhammad Rusdi, SE., M.Si (University of Bengkulu)
25. Dr. Candra Irawan, SH., M.Hum (University of Bengkulu)


1. Hold the Bachelor degree (S1) and Master degree (S2) diplomas from BAN-
PT accredited study programs or get a legally equivalent diploma from Dirjen
Dikti for foreign graduates.
2. Hold TPA OTO-Bappenas certificate (500) and TOEFL certificate (500) from
credible institution approved by Post-Graduate Program of FEB University of
3. Matriculation is compulsory for non-linear program student

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