The Quality Assurance Unit functions as a driving force and coordinator in carrying out the role of quality controller and developer of academic and non-academic quality assurance systems at the Faculty level, which is integrated with the University’s quality assurance system as a whole.


The main task of the Quality Assurance Unit is to carry out academic quality assurance in every aspect related to the implementation of academic quality standards and Faculty management in line with university quality standards, with detailed tasks including:


  1. Monitoring and evaluating quality assurance activities in the academic field (education, research, and community service) and compiling materials and inputs on monitoring and evaluation at the Faculty level.
  2. Assisting in preparing the curriculum, assisting in preparing self-evaluation documents or accreditation forms, and socializing university policies for routine activities to implement internal evaluations.
  3. Provide periodic analysis every semester of the EVISEM (Internal Evaluation of Semester) of each study program in the Faculty to be evaluated by the Dean.
  4. Implementation of monitoring and evaluation of the internal control system in force in
  5. Submission of reports on the results of monitoring and evaluation and their recommendations in writing to the Dean;
  6. Assisting study program activities in renewing the accreditation of study programs in the Faculty that have expired their accreditation period.