Bengkulu, October 10, 2022 – IDX Investment Gallery, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Bengkulu (GIBEI FEB UNIB) held an Opening Ceremony of GIBEI Fair FEB Bengkulu University followed by Public Education with the theme “Smart Investing Towards Financial Freedom”. The opening ceremony was attended and opened directly by the Head of OJK Bengkulu Tito Adji S and the Dean of FEB Bengkulu University, Dr M. Armelly, S.E., M.Si. marked by the beating of Dol – a traditional bedug typical of Bengkulu – as a symbol to open the annual GIBEI Fair FEB Universitas Bengkulu 2022 (often abbreviated as GIBEI Fair 2022) officially which also enlivened Indonesia’s Financial Inclusion Month (BIK).

After the ceremonial opening ended, the activity continued with Public Education on the Capital Market presented by Herlin Andini, Trainer of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) Bengkulu and Reza Nurul Amar, Representative Officer of IndoPremier Bengkulu. The Capital Market Public Education, which lasted for almost two hours, was proudly declared successful in grabbing the attention of students and the public, with a total attendance of 186 participants, which exceeded the expected target of 150 participants. This shows the growing interest in the capital market ecosystem and the high desire to realize financial freedom by students and the people of Bengkulu. However, the activities of the GIBEI Fair 2022 do not stop here. Until mid-November, GIBEI FEB UNIB will hold competitions to disseminate knowledge and practices related to the capital market. A Capital Market Agile Smart Competition (LCT), National Trading Competition, Stocklab Competition, and Acoustic Competition will also enliven the gibei fair 2022. Until the peak event, the National Capital Market Seminar is scheduled to invite well-known investors Lo Keng Hong in November 2022. It is hoped that throughout the Financial Inclusion Month and the series of GIBEI Fair 2022 activities, GIBEI FEB UNIB will be able to gather up to 900 more candidates and permanent investors – because it reflects on the GIBEI Fair 2021 activities which succeeded in gathering 800 participants during the activity. So that GIBEI FEB UNIB can become a part that contributes to the success of increasing understanding and use of financial products and services, especially in the capital market sector.

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